Environmental Systems Manufacturing
Air Distribution & Acoustic Systems

ESM Team

The ESM Team of experienced professionals from the building services, acoustic and manufacturing industries is committed to developing lasting client relationships by providing customized solutions and services.


Larry Hogan, Managing Director, e-mail contact
Sohaib S. Issa
, Factory Manager,
e-mail contact

Accounting & Administration

Koshy M. Philip, Accounting & Administration Officer, e-mail contact
Joby K. George, Accounting & Administration Assistant, e-mail contact

Sales & Marketing

Mohammed Sayed, Sales Manager, e-mail contact
Anesh K. Aravindakshan, Regional Sales Engineer, e-mail contact
Ted Duncan Magadia, Acoustic Sales Engineer, e-mail contact


Mathew Oommen, Senior Project Engineer, e-mail contact
Davis Paul, Project Engineer, e-mail contact
Asif Azeez, Estimation Engineer, e-mail contact


Cezar S. Sanchez, Procurement Officer, e-mail contact

Front Office

Muzamil Imtiaz Ali, Administrative Assistant, e-mail contact

ESM Team - Passion to Perform

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