Environmental Systems Manufacturing
Air Distribution & Acoustic Systems

The principle customers of ESM consist of global contractors overseeing major construction projects such as airports, industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers and other commercial or private complexes. Additional customers include engineering companies, industrial manufacturers, architects, distributors and end-users.

Ductwork and Accessories for Burj Al Arab Hotel Void Formers and Post Tensioning Ducts for Bridges Ductwork and Accessories for Shopping Center

Major Projects

Some of the major projects are The Museum of Islamic Arts and Al Shaqab Academy in Qatar, Ghazlan Power Plant, Al Jamarat Bridge in Saudi Arabia and Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai International Airport, Burj Dubai Lake and various other projects in the United Arab Emirates where the work included HVAC Ductworks and Accessories, Post Tensioning Duct and Fire/Smoke Dampers. Additional projects are summarized in the "References" list.

Doha Museum of Islamic Art Abu Dhabi Trade Center UAE Dubai International Airport

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