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Air Distribution & Acoustic Systems

Products and Services

Environmental Systems Manufacturing FZC fabricates a complete range of air distribution, environmental control and precision metal products in mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminium, which includes:

  •  Air Management and Distribution Systems
  •  Noise and Vibration Control Systems
  •  Power Generation Ventilation/Acoustic Systems
  •  General Metal Forming and Fabrication
  •  Acoustic Solutions and Surveys
  •  Civil Engineering Applications

Sound Attenuators Custom Fabrication Ducts and Void Formers


ESM is a manufacturer of HVAC products and fabricates acoustic and fire rated systems compliant with international industry standards.

The main product categories are:

  •  Rectangular, Circular and Flat Oval Ducts
  •  Double Wall and Pre-insulated Ducts
  •  Round Flexible Ducts (Flexmaster)
  •  Volume Control Dampers
  •  Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes
  •  Stationary, Sand Trap and Acoustic Louvers
  •  Fire and Fire/Smoke Dampers
  •  Sound Attenuators and Noise Control Products
  •  HVAC Accessories and Fittings
  •  Void Former Tubes and Post Tensioning Ducts
  •  Generator Acoustic Enclosures
  •  Industrial Metal Products

Please contact the Factory Sales Department to discuss your specific requirements, e-mail contact.

Volume Control Dampers with Actuators Generator Acoustic Enclosure Sheet Metal Ductwork


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